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Embroidery workshop in Rwanda since 2012


Our engagement

Ibaba is a women's project, which supports initiative and economic development

by the work of women in Africa. Our objective is to develop a sustainable economic activity based on exceptional know-how with a desire for strong social impact:

  • Allow embroiderers and seamstresses to make a living from their expertise, support their families and participate in the economic development of the village of Rutongo.

  • Promote their know-how through products adapted to the local market and Western markets. Ensuring the transmission of know-how to younger generations and collaborations with international artisans and creators.

  • Disseminate a new image of Rwanda and participate in the country's new development dynamic: Rwanda is not just a genocide.

  • Participate in the development of new consumption patterns by promoting arts and crafts as well as the history of the production of items.

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